Grappster is committed to safeguarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy is part of the Grappster Terms of Service. By using the Site, you agree to abide and be bound by this Privacy Policy, which may be modified or updated from time to time without notice. In this event the update will be displayed on the Site.

I. Nature of Personal Information Collected by Grappster

We may collect and process both information that you voluntarily communicate to us in order to access or use our Service (such as your email, password, or your list of friends) and data related to your preferences and traffic (such as your IP address or the modules selected). You do not need to open an account and provide us with personally identifiable information to use our Service. Some personal information may be necessary to access some aspects of our Service. We will never collect or process personal data pertaining to, directly or indirectly, your race, your political, philosophical, or religious views, your health, or your sexual orientation. We may also collect data pertaining to your “friends” and list you as a “Follower” on their profile or collect and share other information for your activity, for instance the articles you have shared as favorite.

II. Non-Personally Identifiable Information & Cookies


Traffic data are generated when your computer connects to the Internet and to the Site and are not sufficient alone to identify you. We may collect the following information: origin of the connection (ISP), IP address, type and version of your Internet browser, length of connection, etc. These data may be used for statistical purposes to analyze the traffic (most and least-viewed modules, favorite itineraries, activity per day and hour, etc.) and to improve our Site by adapting it to your tastes. Traffic data are always processed anonymously.


We may place “cookies” on your computer hard drive to record your visit and to restore your personalized Grappster web pages when you connect with your usual computer. These small files may contain, for instance, traffic data and your preferences.

You may suppress cookies after your visit or configure your Internet browser to prevent them. However, you should be aware that in this event your preferences will be lost if you do not have a Grappster account. Please refer to the help file of your Internet browser for the adequate configuration.

III. Processing of your Personal Information

We collect and process your personal information in a fair and lawful manner and in respect of your rights. Grappster is the entity responsible for processing your personal information. The personal information collected helps us to know you better and to improve our Service.

IV. Retention of Your Personal Information


The personal information that you communicate to us is safeguarded on Grappster’ servers. We use our best efforts to prevent any interference with your personal data such as loss, diversion, intrusion, unauthorized divulgation, alteration, or destruction.

Cancellation of Account

At any time you may request by email that your account be cancelled and that all associated personal information be deleted. Please note that in this event all your preferences will be lost.

V. Communication from Grappster

We may send you email to the address associated with your account for technical or administrative purposes or to inform you of the evolution of our Service. We will not send you commercial offers unrelated to Grappster.

VI. Transfer of Your Personal Information

We undertake not to share your personal information with or transfer it to third parties unless you have consented prior to said sharing or transfer. We will never share your personal information with third parties that do not guarantee an adequate protection. Please be aware that we may provide your personal information if we are required to do so by law or are compelled by a court of law.

VII. Right to Access, Modify, and Delete Your Personal Information

We inform you that you have the right to access, modify, object to the processing of, and request the deletion of the personal information collected or processed by Grappster. You may modify your password by clicking on the “option” button on the main web page. You may also modify your data by sending us an email.