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Cloud computing is exceeding all expectations. Popular web communities such as Twitter. Linkedin and Facebook are growing fast and within two years 80% of the Fortune 1000 enterprises will use mostly cloud applications, like Google Apps, Salesforce, Zendesk, Xero and/or Freshbooks. Data integration is easily done in the cloud using APIs at the application layer and APIs are available for the majority of cloud applications on the web. But even if the data integration is done, keeping an overview of your cloud applications can be difficult. End-users can’t keep up with the complexity of having to work with, login to all the different cloud applications in order to have an of the things happening in the cloud. That’s why we have founded Grappster. Grappster is a revolutionary internet startpage where you can have an overview of your cloud applications.




Grappster BV is based in Amsterdam and was founded in May 2011 by Luis Abreu and Michiel Chevalier.

Michiel Chevalier



Michiel Chevalier

Entrepreneur with large experience in business development and a strong background in internet technologies.

Luis Abreu



Luis Abreu

Technical specialist with focus in cloud web-based applications and mobile technologies.

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